Coaching Impacts

Coaching Impacts seeks to increase knowledge and understanding about how widely coaching makes a difference. CIAO believes coaching is an effective new tool to help people who face significant inequalities change their own lives for the better and is very grateful the Oak Foundation approached us to invest in this work.

Coaching Impacts is mapping who else coaches clients who are socially excluded nationally and internationally and is reviewing the existing evidence of coaching’s effectiveness in any context (from prison cell to boardroom and beyond). It will also build on CIAO’s existing evidence and evaluation about coaching’s many benefits.

We’d be delighted if you’d link up with us to:

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  • Share evidence of coaching’s impact and any ideas with us by email.
  • Find out who else is coaching. Take a look here.
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We want this to be highly relevant for similar interventions and organisations, so we’ll share all the learning widely and freely to benefit as many as possible.

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