CIAO Coaches & Support Team

CIAO Coaches

When Coaching Inside and Out began in 2010 no other organisations were coaching similarly in prisons anywhere in the world, according to Google. CIAO continues to lead the way.

CIAO’s coaches make a disproportionate impact. If you’ve seen the enormous difference coaching has in your sphere, imagine how rewarding it is in the toughest situations.

CIAO attracts extraordinary people keen to use the highest quality coaching within the criminal justice system’s unique constraints. Its coaches can see and show the evidence of their coaching’s impact. They’re curious, supportive and challenging. They value professional growth and the team shares our skills and experiences to develop best practice.

The charity also welcomes interest from coaches who want to develop their coaching with us and who would add to CIAO’s diversity and/or have CJS insight through personal experience of the criminal justice system.

If you’re passionate about helping people transform their own lives and can demonstrate your impact (with or without qualifications), then we’d love to hear from you.

CIAO Support Team

Our Founder, Clare McGregor, is a Cambridge graduate with 30 years’ experience improving services for people in crisis. She’s worked on social inclusion for clients including the Department of Health, the Home Office and Ministry of Justice; as well as having been a trustee of Clinks and Revolving Doors Agency.

Our Head of Business Support, Lisa Jenkins, frees us up to focus on great coaching and takes care of the money and data. Lisa’s done this for universities, schools and housing associations for over fifteen years and has a Masters in Governance and Public Policy from the University of Manchester.