I met these women whilst researching female offenders and those at risk of offending in 2009. They may never have been in HMP Styal, or even offended, but very kindly gave permission for me to take and use this photo.

Coaching Inside and Out challenges assumptions to unlock the potential in our criminal justice system for all our sakes.

More than 700 men, women and children in prison and in the community have been helped by CIAO since we began in 2010. Over 30 skilled coaches have proven the dramatic impact coaching can have.

You’ve made me realise I can do things. Just by making me think about it.

CIAO wants all people who’ve committed offences, or are at risk of doing so, to be offered life coaching so they can help themselves and others. This is why we support and encourage coaching for those within the criminal justice system, as well as doing it ourselves.