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CIAO has been offering coaching as part of the Trafford Early Help partnership since 2016 to help some of Trafford’s most at risk families. This means working with 53 young people aged 13+ and their families, particularly those displaying anti-social behaviour, at risk of challenging, risky or offending behaviour or struggling to manage anger.

Plugging a gap:  We’re told CIAO is providing a valuable service for parents of children whose behaviour is escalating. There are some great services for young people but parents are part of the picture too and if their behaviour doesn’t change it can be harder for the child to reap the benefits of their own support.

Whole family support: We’ve signed more – or sometimes even all – family members up to coaching after just one person has been initially referred. The benefit to an individual is increased enormously when other family members are also changing how they think and act.

Young people: All the young people we are coaching are engaged and fitting coaching in around their school / college commitments. They are working things out and setting goals just like our adult clients. We are seeing their confidence grow along with their motivation to make changes.

Prevention is CIAO’s business too

We have worked with over 700 clients over the last six years, in prison and the community, but when you factor in the numbers of children that clients have left at home or who are looked after elsewhere the number of those affected by prison and other circumstances becomes much higher.

So often we hear people talk of the damage done in their own childhoods now being played out in their own children’s lives. Coaching before things escalate is incredibly powerful as people are supported to find solutions to problems they thought were insoluble. Clients can find the skills, energy and commitment to bring about positive changes needed to prevent further problems – and perhaps even stop the cycle of imprisonment for some vulnerable young children of vulnerable parents.

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