What people say

Trafford 100David Boulger, previously Strategic Manager – Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, Trafford Council

“We were keen to work alongside a credible organisation who could provide a very different approach to working with women and families already in contact with statutory services but for whom positive change was not forthcoming.  Coaching provides these individuals with time, space and support to explore how they can improve the areas of their life that are the most important to them, and to identify the assets and relationships that can support them on that journey.”

achieve-north-west171153 Catherine Hallwood, Achieve North West

“A lot of the cases I referred were too far away for the Achieve project to help as we specifically deal with those ready for Education, Training and Employment (ETE). I thought CIAO’s coaching was a great opportunity for these people. It provided encouragement and support for them and helped them improve their self-confidence. Even those who were more comfortable with their ETE goals but had ‘roadblocks’ benefited from having a confidant – someone to hold a mirror up to them and to encourage their positives.”

Women in Prison LogoKate Fraser, Northern Services Manager, Women in Prison

“Our service user group can often include many women caught up in an extremely chaotic lifestyle which leads to recidivism. Whilst I was delighted to hear that CIAO would be delivering life coaching both in prison and in the community, I did have some reservations about delivery to this group with multiple and complex needs. However, having spoken with women who have accessed life coaching at our WomenMATTA Project in Manchester, I can see that the coaching has provided them with the tools required to develop the emotional intelligence to explore the very real issues in their lives. I have seen an increase in their self confidence and self esteem and they feel more prepared, both emotionally and practically to move forward, making positive choices along the way.”

A letter from a prisoner in Styal prison to her life coach that describes when she met Terry Waite.

Deborah’s feedback on her coaching experience

Part of my journey of change has been to work with a life coach, a wonderfully genuine person who has worked with me to change my life for the better. Our work together has enabled me to value myself and to realise that I am a good person I just did not always make good choices. Today I can make wise and mature choices. Life coaching has helped me to see that by relying on my inner strength I am able to allow my outer self to soften. I found life coaching enlightening and, moreover, empowering. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone given the opportunity to invest in themselves, the rewards are positively life changing.