Welcome to CIAO’s new CEO

I am delighted to announce that this week CIAO’s new CEO Anna Maddox takes up the reins of leading and managing our work.  Anna joins us from the National Childbirth Trust where she was Head of Partnerships.

This step marks a significant moment for us – growing from a Founder led start up social enterprise to a mature and sustainable organisation that will be able to expand our reach to deliver our vision that:

All people who’ve committed offences, or are at risk of doing so, are offered life coaching so they can help themselves and others.

In marking this transition the Board wishes to extend its deepest thanks to all who have played a part from the earliest days in 2010. You have all enabled us to be where we are now:

  • Having delivered coaching to nearly 1,000 people
  • With a strong and talented team of over 40 colleagues and coaches
  • Working with 10 commissioners across the Criminal Justice System, Local Authorities, education and health worlds
  • Leading on research into the impact of coaching that will inform practice and commissioning, not only in the UK but beyond
  • Trading and growing sustainably as a social enterprise governed by a capable and forward-thinking Board.

Of course none of this would have happened without the visionary and relentless talents of Clare McGregor our Founder.

Clare has brought many people together over the years encouraging each of us to rise to the challenge and play our part in ensuring everyone who can benefit from coaching can access it, irrespective of their current or previous experience of the criminal justice system.

Our deep thanks and appreciation must go to Clare as she hands over the responsibility for running and leading CIAO to Anna and moves into a place where she can:

  • Play a role as an advisor/resource to the board
  • Help us extend our reach and develop more business opportunities
  • Write more, speak more and generally agitate more to help change the world, shape the sector and create a different narrative around the power of coaching in the criminal and social justice sectors.

We hope you will continue to support this work and to help us welcome Anna as she takes up leading our business in this next exciting phase. I’m sure you will join us in thanking Clare and continue to work with all of us on this important mission to ensure we realise our vision and unleash the potential in everyone

Liz Cross
Chair of the Board

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