‘CIAO’ to a new CEO – could it be you?

We’re excited to announce a new role of Chief Executive Officer to help us build on all that everyone in CIAO and our Founder and Managing Director, Clare McGregor, have put in place since 2010. Clare herself will step down from the board and no longer be MD, however, she will continue to work as Founder to support and promote the business and the huge potential coaching can unlock with those in our criminal justice system and beyond.

Please help us spread news of this exciting opportunity far and wide. This isn’t a traditional role and it could suit a wide range of people at different stages in their career and work well both as a primary contract or as part of a portfolio career.


Here’s the Ad (1 page) and here are the Details (2 pages).

HOW TO APPLY [N.B. Deadline now passed.]

Please email us at ciao@coachinginsideandout.org.uk by 8am Monday 26th February putting “Letter of Application” in the subject line and attaching that letter. You may also wish to submit a CV if desired, however the screening will focus on the letter.

Your letter of application should include answers to the following questions on a maximum of 4 sides of A4:

  1. What do you bring to this role within CIAO?
  2. What makes you interested in this role within CIAO?
  3. What is your experience of and/or perspective on:
    a. the scale up phases of organisations?
    b. organisational evolution after the Founder steps down?
  4. What is your experience of managing free agents and leveraging discretionary effort?
  5. Might anything about you, including your job or history, impact how CIAO is viewed by clients or anyone else should you become a coach e.g. political affiliation, working in criminal justice?

Ensure you complete and attach the demographic monitoring form (this will be detached before your application is forwarded to the selection panel).

We look forward to hearing from you. No recruitment agency calls, please.

Thank you.

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